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Mystery Christmas Vegan Bags! 100 bags left

Mystery Christmas Vegan Bags! 100 bags left

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These Mystery Christmas Bags are packed with vegan goodies ready to surprise your friends and family! If you want to introduce vegan lifestyle to your loved ones this is the best way to do it. Or you can gift this to your already vegan friends. Pay $30 and our promise is that each box will contain $40-$80 worth of a mix of vegan food and skin care products! Included is a fun Elf report card to tell your kids, relatives and friends if they have been nice or naughty for the year. You can choose whether you want a naughty or a nice bag to be sent out and as soon as you purchase the box there is an option to leave an optional note that will be included in the report card. Please type your message and who the gift is from and press send. The message shouldn't be longer than 20 words otherwise it won't fit on the Elf report card.

Please note, if you don’t send any text to be printed on the Elf cards, they will be sent blank. 

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What Our Customers Say

'This seriously is the best idea for any new vegans! You get a sample of all different healthy vegan foods & snacks & they ship worldwide!', Rebecca Gawthorne @nourish_naturally