Would you like to share a moment?

Would you like to share a moment?

Via Mindfulness (Flickr)
Via Mindfulness (Flickr)

Oh hi there! What are you up to right now?

Silly question, youre reading this! (Thanks btw).

Right now you are thinking that I have either lost my marbles or perhaps suffering from a touch of blogging block.

Wrong. I want to be in the moment with you

Would you like to share a mindful moment with me?

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the moment. Brushing away the distractions of the past and wonderings of what is coming next, just being here. Now.

It is harder than it sounds. Ready to go?

Are you sitting or standing? How does that feel?

I am sitting on a smooshy couch. It feels cosy with my butt and back sinking into the warm, soft pillows. I feel comfortable and the more I think about it and concentrate on it the more I feel that I am becoming a part on the pillows. Sinking deeper into them.

What is around you? Notice the little things.

It is dark outside but I can hear the breeze rustling through the palm trees. It sounds almost like it is raining. My precious pooches are curled up on their bed at my feet. Frank is under the blanket and Brian is curled into a little ball. I can see his big fluffy ears moving with each sleepy breath.

The tiled floor is cool under foot. I can smell the gentle aroma from my cup of tea.

How does your body feel?

My body is relaxed. I have my laptop warming my lap and aside from me tapping away my body is relaxed. My shoulders are a little tight but not hunched. Now that I think about them I try to relax them further with each breath. My belly is full.

Focus on your breath.

I purposefully inhaled more deeply, held it for a moment and exhaled fully. I can feel the breath trace its way through my lungs and chest. It is comforting and both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

It is now slightly more shallow and quicker.

I love mindful moments. Just taking that time to be. To look around, to focus on the details, to listen to my body. Not only does it help me focus and relax it also is a time when I feel truly grateful. For each minute detail I feel gratitude.

Thanks for sharing that moment with me. I hope that you take the time to have many more and I hope that these simple steps that we have followed today are a good start along your mindful journey.

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