Why You MUST Switch Your Sunscreen!

Oxybenzone? Octocrylene? Octisalate?

Do you even know how to pronounce some of the common toxic chemicals that you spread onto your body in the name of safety and protection?

We feature young Australian brand, Seagull Milk, in our February Vegan Box and we asked their team just why it’s so important that we make the switch!

Here’s what they told us…

We don’t know about you, but when it comes to ensuring we use quality products for ourselves and our environment we take it super seriously!

We already know that what we eat directly impacts the way our bodies function, so why would the products we use on our skin be any different?

We are a year-old Australian sun-care brand called Seagull Milk (don’t worry we don’t milk any seagulls for our products) and we’re on a mission to keep you safe from the sun and protect our oceanic environment from further destruction caused from chemical UV filter sunscreens.


For decades, everyday sun care products like sunscreen have been made with harmful chemicals that absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays into the skin. However, they haven’t been tested for safety. A recent study conducted by the FDA examined and confirmed that 6 common chemical ingredients found in commercial sunscreens (oxybenzone, homoslate, oxtinoxate, avobenzone, octocrylene & octisalate) are known to absorb into human blood after application and stay present for up to 7 days, with 2 of them still present after 21 days. What’s more alarming is that studies have shown a potential link between oxybenzone and lower testosterone levels in adolescent boys, hormone changes in men and shorter pregnancies and disrupted birth weights in babies.

Not to mention that ‘oxybenzone’ and ‘oxtinoxate’ have been linked to coral bleaching, endangering entire marine ecosystems and causing regions such as Hawaii, Palau and West Key to ban the use of all chemical sunscreens being used and sold there.

The fact is commercial sunscreens need to change to properly protect the health of our bodies and the environment. And we want to be a leader of that change!

Thankfully there are mineral based, natural options as alternatives to the chemical sunscreens. Formulas containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide offer better sun protection without the use of the harmful chemical ingredients already mentioned. The problem we found is that most mineral based sunscreens on the market are very thick. They leave your skin feeling super greasy after application, they are hard to rub in and leave a white residue on the skins surface.

We wanted to create a sunscreen that people not only wanted to wear, but was also safer for people to use all while protecting the environment we live in…


Seagull Milk is an Australian made and owned sunscreen. We have achieved a product which addresses all those things we found frustrating in our search for a great sunscreen. We’d like to invite you to join us and our hundreds of satisfied customers in our journey of sun safety and in making a difference to our environment by using Seagull Milk too.


For every tube of Seagull Milk Sunscreen sold, part proceeds are donated to Take3ForTheSea. Take3 is an Australian not for profit organisation who are proactive in their approach to clean up plastic pollution from our waterways and environment here in Australia. Their simple message is to empower people to take 3 pieces of rubbish from the environment every time they go outside, to create a more safe and sustainable future. They even go into schools and educate students about this issue and we think that’s well worth supporting.

Seagull Milk Sunscreen is unique and specifically formulated so that once it’s applied it won’t leave your skin greasy and white after application, sting your eyes, or smell bad either; instead it has a hint of vanilla. There are no chemical UV filters that we talked about earlier, its reef safe and despite the name it is 100% Vegan…again – no seagulls were milked in the making of our product!!

As a valued member of the Vegan Box community, we’d like to make a special introductory offer to you. For all orders we receive between the 20th – 28th Feb 2020, we will take 20% off your whole order.

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So there you have it! An exceptional Aussie brand with an exceptional product offering that’s not only good for you but the environment too!

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