Why do people discriminate against dark pets?

Why do people discriminate against dark pets?

Today, being Friday the 13th, we thought it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about ‘Black Cat & Dog Syndrome’. This might be something you’ve never heard of, but it’s a huge problem that many animal shelters experience when it comes to rehoming black cats and dogs.

Sadly, these beautiful animals linger at pounds and shelters for much longer than light-coloured pets, are far less likely to find a home, and are euthanised at much higher rates.

“The effect is very real. We recently had a litter of five very cute, very fluffy puppies, two yellow and three black. And the yellow ones all went immediately, but for the black ones it took weeks.” Mirah Horowitz, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue


So, why do people discriminate against dark pets?

“There are probably many reasons why these animals are the last to be adopted. Many who work in shelters believe it has to do with the fact that it’s harder for people to read the expressions on the faces of the black cats and dogs. Additionally for cats, they carry the baggage of ridiculous superstition and being referred to as bad luck. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression about not letting a black cat cross your path. All you have to do is take a quick glance at Halloween decorations to see the abundance of scary black cats represented there. Hollywood has also contributed to black cat and black dog syndrome by usually casting the black cat as a villain and the black dog as the ferocious four-footed devil in disguise. It’s certainly an uphill battle for these beautiful creatures” Pam Johnson-Bennett, Pet Behaviourist.

Black cats and dogs are beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful companions, just like any other coloured animal! If you’re looking to adopt or foster, please help out a black furry friend.

“It’s just so irrational that people would think the color of a dog’s fur has anything to do with its character, The effect is baffling. I just want to tell people sometimes, ‘This is an amazing dog. You’ve got to look at this dog.’ So, prospective pet owners, consider the gauntlet thrown. Black dogs and cats need your help. Society needs all of our heightened awareness. We have come too far in combatting bias and ignorance to keep penalising animals for the colour of their fur” Katy Wallman, Slate Online

Meet Jiji – She helps out at The Vegan Box office!
This is my beautiful Jiji. We were meant to only be fostering her until she found a forever home, but we fell in love with her the minute we met and now I can’t imagine our life without her! She came from a horrible past of neglect and abuse, and had been left behind in a cage when her owners moved out of there house. She was so very tiny and scared when she arrived at our home, but now is a chubby little lady who never stops purring. I hate to think that if we hadn’t picked her up, she may not have been adopted due to the colour of her fur! She has my heart!

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