Welcome to the Vegan Box team Trelby!

Welcome to the Vegan Box team Trelby!

We have a few exciting changes about the happen here at theveganbox.com – later this month we’ll reveal our beautiful new website with you all (with rolling monthly subscription options, finally!!), and over the next few days i’ll be introducing you to our fantastic team of vegan bloggers who will be keeping you up to date on all the latest vegan news, beauty products, events, new cafes and animal rights issues…..

So, to get the ball rolling, today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the super adorable Trelby O’Connor, who will be blogging about vegan beauty, cruelty free cosmetics and all things to do with cruelty free living in the real world! Trelby is a 19 year old student at Sydney University, she’s studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Cultural Studies and Art History.

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“I think becoming a vegan was always on the cards for me. I’ve been a crazy animal girl my whole life. I grew up walking dogs, feeding strays, rescuing possums, fundraising for animal welfare groups and constantly being in awe of the animal kingdom. My Dad has been a vegetarian for more than 20 years, so I’ve always been aware of the reasons behind this lifestyle. I became a vegetarian when I was eight years old and transitioned to veganism the day I finished my last HSC exam. I spent the Summer break between high school and university teaching myself how to cook vegan meals and immersing myself in the online vegan community.

Animals have always been the main reason for my vegetarianism/veganism. To me personally, eating the flesh or product of another animal is so obviously wrong. These creatures have young they want to care for, feelings of fear and comfort, as well as a capability to suffer. Killing animals for the sake of our tastebuds or fashion choices is so unnecessarily cruel. The way I rationalise it in my head is by asking myself ‘What makes me better than the cow?’ Just because we’re humans shouldn’t mean we have entitlement over someone else’s life.

Upon becoming vegan I have experienced the health benefits as well. Even though I was healthy before going vegan, I noticed the skin on my back cleared up beautifully and I never feel sick or sluggish after a meal. Most astoundingly though, I seem to be eating more variety and quantities of food than ever before. My body toned up with no additional exercise. I remember dieting and torturing myself as a young teenager with extreme exercise regimes to be toned and slim. Now I exercise for enjoyment and eat an abundance of healthy food and as a result I maintain a body that I am happy with.

Another aspect of veganism I find so important is the lessened environmental impact. Not only does it take a whole lot less resources to produce a vegan meal, you also find yourself constantly learning about eco-friendly lifestyle choices in the vegan community. For me, veganism certainly isn’t a fad or just a diet, it’s expressing empathy to animals, taking responsibility for my planet and nourishing my body”

Stay tuned for Trelby’s posts on theveganbox.com, and get to know her better by checking out her youtube channel and instagram feed.

Tomorrow we’ll be introducing you to another of our new bloggers….

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