Welcome to the vegan box team Emma!

Welcome to the vegan box team Emma!

11212391_10152697638171793_1293334109_nToday I get to introduce you to one of my favourite friends (in fact, she’s who inspired me to go vegan) and our newest blogger here at The Vegan Box, say hello to Emma Bailie!

Emma is a freelance journalist, vegan blogger and travel-memoir writer who is determined to show the world it IS easy being green. She is passionate about animal rights, social justice and the inner peace that can be found when dining on the tragically misrepresented potato. She enjoys writing restaurant reviews, product discoveries and creating recipes for vegans and the veg-curious. She absolutely has to read magazines back to front but she doesn’t quite know why. She prefers her hot chips cold but that’s just between you and her, okay?

My journey (naff I know, why did reality TV have to ruin this word forever more — it’s a great word) to veganism began when I was 16. One day I just made the connection: if I loved animals so much, how could I justify eating them? I came home from school one day and declared I would no longer eat animals. My mum gave me a knowing look — probably wondering if this ‘phase’ would last longer than my coloured hair-mascara chapter — and said, “okay.” Over the next 13 years that phase saw me sign hundreds of animal rights petitions, reject hundreds of pieces of bacon, become well versed in the health implications and environmental impact of meat consumption and develop a passion for creating meat-free masterpieces in the kitchen.

I thought I was doing the absolute best I could for my furry friends; however, a few years ago I discovered I was wrong. After deciding I wanted to start working or volunteering in the animal rights movement, my research of the relevant organisations led me to some startling information about the egg and dairy industries. I had honestly never considered that my consumption of eggs (I bought free-range eggs didn’t I) and dairy (all of my cheeses were rennet-free after all) were contributing to the heinous treatment of the very animals I thought I was protecting by not eating them. Once I learnt this I knew my vegetarianism wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to give up cheese and ice-cream but more powerful than that was my desire not to live a life of hypocrisy. This August is my four-year veganniversary and every year I am a vegan my heart grows bigger (figuratively, of course — compassion should never lead to a medical emergency).

My heart is not the only thing growing: our community is too. It’s growing like a wild garden (a vegan’s perspective), it’s growing like a fungal nail infection (the pork industry’s perspective) — it’s growing and growing. And like a fungal nail infection (seriously, where am I going with this?) the vegan community is damn near impossible to get rid of. It’s a community of passionate, tenacious and big-hearted humans who are fighting to give a voice to the voiceless. It’s a MOVEMENT —a powerful one too— and I am very proud to be a part of it. I believe that anything can be achieved when a group of people unite and speak out for change. Supporting The Vegan Box makes you a part of this incredible movement to build a fairer future for human and non-human animals alike.
So welcome aboard the soul train rockstars.

Get to know Emma via her personal blog, and instagram @tempehtantrum.

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