VGood HazelNot Butter

VGood HazelNot Butter! So good!

The world is seeing an increase in the number of people finding themselves allergic to various types of food. Some of these allergies can have deadly consequences. While it is not known for sure what is causing this increase, there are companies who are looking for solutions.

VGood is a company that has brought out a range of products that are friendly to people with nut allergies. In our most recent Vegan Box we included their amazing HazelNOT Choc Chickpea Butter. As the name implies, this product uses chickpeas, a legume, as the base, rather than hazelnuts. It is also free from dairy, soy, egg and gluten, making it friendly to the widest variety of connoisseurs. This is so friendly to allergies that it is produced in a facility that avoids all the top 14 food allergens. The product is made from only 5 ingredients - Roasted chickpeas, vegetable oil, sugar, cocoa, natural flavour. It has a lower amount of sugar and oil than choc-hazelnut spreads and features no added sweeteners. It truly is a lunch-box safe spread.

Comparing the main competitor, Nutella, the amount of carbohydrates between the two products is about the same - 57.5% (Nutella) to 52.8% (VGood). But the striking thing is that in Nutella, this is almost entirely sugar at 56.3g in 100g whereas VGood has only 22.3g in the same amount. Nutella doesn't even provide the amount of dietary fibre in its product information, indicating it is negligible, whereas VGood HazelNOT has 6.9g per 100g. It has almost double the amount of protein as found in Nutella at 12.5g per 100g. It also has about a quarter of the amount of sodium as Nutella while also being a good source of potassium and iron. Overall, it is a fantastic healthy alternative to high caloric spreads that are not allergy-friendly.

We have had a play around with this product and it makes a great spread on wraps or toast or a croissant but also as a great topper for sweets like cupcakes! Sometimes when no one else is looking you might even find me taking a spoonful to eat on its own. It is very moreish! You can even put it in a smoothie or in protein balls or add it to cereal. The possibilities are endless! Be sure to check them out and add them to your regular shopping list. You can find a stockist near you here -
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