Vegan Brand, K.M. Foods Encourage Us To 'Eat Like We Care'

Vegan Brand, K.M. Foods Encourage Us To 'Eat Like We Care'

I come across many wonderful, caring, inspiring people and small businesses when scouting for new products for The Vegan Box.

Some people are just so amazing that I have to share their story, Sue and Graeme from K.M Foods (Kindly Made Foods) are those kind of people.

Since 2018, this animal-loving couple have been producing their delicious plant-based jerky in Queensland and just this year added a range of fantastic vegan chocolate to their product suite with flavours to die for!

A couple of genuine change-makers, they hope to inspire the nation to “eat like they care” for health, the planet and the welfare of animals worldwide.

Here’s a bit more of their story:


K.M.Foods are an innovative plant based food company on a mission to make vegan diets more affordable, appealing to everyone’s taste and make food enjoyable without the guilt.

Sue started the vegan journey on and off, over 30 years ago and is still, very much as passionate today toward animal rights.

Graeme grew up eating and socialising in the traditional Australian way around the BBQ and never really connected to animal abuse until Sue and social media came around. Now he says he watches too many funny cat and cow videos on social media, and understands the plight of animals. “Why are we only protecting certain animals, I believe we have a duty of care as humans, not to just look after domesticated animals, but all animals that have feelings.”

Social gatherings, such as BBQ’s, are no longer an excuse for animal abuse…

“We are now eating animals, not for health, as science has proven it’s no better for you than plant-based products but eating animals because they generate profits or because they don’t sit on your knee and you’re not attached to a warm fuzzy. Other animals are not protected because they generate income in other ways, which is not acceptable.

In fact, we are clearing more of the amazon/country, just to raise cattle and grow soy, that feed the cattle… It is crazy thinking. Let alone the amount of water we use, land we need, trees we bull doze. There is no excuse now to use the planet and animals this way.”

Graeme adds: I ended up researching more about the farming practises, health of dairy and animal products that contribute to inflammation and how we are contributing to the destruction of our environment.

I am still believer that everyone has a choice, freedom to choose, as I still have many friends who continue to eat meat. But I also believe in educating when asked, not preaching, offering alternatives products that are just as good as my old traditional way of life, or we will continue down the same path of not changing anything. This is why KMFoods are dedicated to making the best alternative product we can!”


KMFoods are dedicated to bringing the best tasting and most affordable plant-based products to market. We encourage you to “Eat like you care.”

We are producing a clean, plant-based product, free from animals, nasty E numbers, Artificial sweeteners, colours, or flavours and producing a product straight from plants, that still taste great!

You can find our Vegan Jerky at all local IGA stores nationally, Drakes Supermarkets, Harris Farms, Foodlands and if you have not tried our vegan chocolate range. OMG, watch out for it in July. Pre-orders are now available on the website.

Of course to get an introductory taste of their Texas BBQ vegan jerky (with B12) you can grab your pack in the current Vegan Box while stocks last!

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