Treat yourself with Vegan Made Delights!

Treat yourself with Vegan Made Delights!


My parents have always been big fans of Turkish Delight, as in the traditional lokum variety, filled with chopped pistachios, dusted in icing sugar and served with intensely thick black coffee – as a kid, this just wasn’t for me, and I would always pull my nose up when offered one of those gluey little cubes.

I grew up in Tasmania, and for our 4th grade trip we ventured to Hobart and spent a day at the Cadburys chocolate factory (gross now, but as a 10 year old it was a dream come true, for a kid who grew up out the back of no where being told that unsweetened carob was chocolate). I remember tasting the Cadburys Turkish Delight (covered in smooth chocolate) and thinking “now this, this is how all Turkish delight should be” When I got back home from excursion I proudly produced a 10pk of seconds I’d purchased with all of my pocket money as a gift for my Mum and Dad, only to find that my enthusiasm was not met with any level of excitement (from memory my Mum gulped, and changed the subject)…


So, imagine my delight when I recently found these bad boys…. Vegan Made Delights have magically created a winning combination of that creamy smooth milk like chocolate, and sticky fun on the inside, with the traditional rosewater scented deliciousness of the old school varieties, PLUS they’ve pulled this off without the use of any animal products or palm oil. Winning!

Whether you’re a traditional Turkish Delight fan, or you prefer more of the ‘Aussie’ spin on this traditional treat – this right here is going to satisfy your sweet fang every time!

Oh, and it gets better! Not only do Vegan Made Delights made chocolate rose Turkish delight, they now also made chocolate peanut brittle!


Crunchy, sweet and a tiny bit salty – I may have accidently devoured the entire packet in one sitting. Don’t judge me until you’ve tried them yourself!

Pickup some of these delicious morsels at, my suggestion is treat yourself to a twin pack!

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