The Vegan Box features on 1 Million Women

The Vegan Box features on 1 Million Women

This week we were so honored to be interviewed by the world-changing ladies from 1 Million Women….. click here to see the full interview, and enter their Vegan Box giveaway!

Time saving sustainable shopping, a guest post from The Vegan Box

“I started The Vegan Box in early 2013, as a way of helping people to discover new cruelty free products on the market – without them having to spend hours scanning ingredient panels, or struggling to find brands whose ethics align with theirs. I’ve taken the stress out of it, by doing the homework (and the taste testing) for them. Each month I get to share my new vegan finds with hundreds of wonderful customers, it really is a dream job!

I’ve been passionate about animal rights, environmental issues and sustainable living for as long as I can recall. Even as a 8 year old I remember spending my lunch time walking around the school grounds to get signatures on my latest petition about animal testing or whaling in the Southern Ocean. Animals have always been my ‘thing’, and when I first started up a vegan business, I don’t think anyone who knows me was surprised!

Working in the healthfood industry for over ten years as a naturopath, i’ve always found it relatively easy to find vegan friendly products. It wasn’t until speaking with a friend, living in rural Australia, that I realised finding vegan goodies wasn’t as easy for most people as it was for me. That very day ‘The Vegan Box‘ was dreamt up, and within a day or two I had the website up and ready to launch!

A lot of people have said to me that it’s too hard to be vegan, and they would love to try but don’t have the time to research the products they are used to buying in their weekly shop – and so, I wanted to help by taking some of that ‘hard work’ out of it, by finding ethical, sustainable and organic products to inspire them, and at the same time promote and support the small businesses making these.

I’ve always wanted to help (and encourage) others to make more informed, and compassionate choices, and The Vegan Box allows me to do that in a really fun way. It brings me a lot of joy!”

What do you feel are the unique strengths of women taking action on climate change and living more sustainably?

“I believe as females we have an innate ability to connect, nurture, and protect – if we can open our hearts and extend these towards our planet, our community, and our future generations, we can create real change! In my experience, women are really well represented within the vegan community (both in numbers and role models) which shows a strong determination on our part in tackling some of the issues surrounding climate change and sustainability”


photo credits Lucy Spartalis

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