The unexpected advantages of being vegan

The unexpected advantages of being vegan

There are lots of pros when it comes to being a vegan. Yes, there are the some absolute obvious factors that the majority of us base our decision on: animal welfare, the environment, health and living a kind, cruelty free life.

They are massive advantages without a doubt, but many are not aware of the other, more unexpected advantages to being a vegan… Let me share just a few with you.

Taking your own food into places – Most venues (cinemas etc) will stop anyone from bringing food or beverages in order to force you to purchase their costly (and mostly icky) items. Tell the door person that you’re a vegan and more often than not you and your bag of snacks (or sneaky pizza slices in your handbag) are welcome. Just make sure your not bringing in any glassware.


Being fed first – Order a special meal on a plane or function and you are generally fed first. Winning! No waiting for the crew to get all of the way to you only to have your preference no longer available.


Over compensation – I have encountered many a time when my meal was so much more substantial than anyone else. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe people don’t think that a meal without animal products couldn’t possibly be filling enough or perhaps they feel a bit sorry for you for having to always explain yourself. Whatever it is, I’ll take it :p Fill me up!

Not having to fight for a measly sandwich – Whether it be an event or meeting, if you have a special meal you can wave bye bye to elbowing your way through the line to ensure that you get a decent slice of pizza or a sandwich before it gets soggy. Say hello to a whole plate to yourself, sometimes with your actual name on it. Just waltz on past that line to your personal lunch. This is what being a celebrity must feel like.


Being consulted on cafes/restaurants – Meeting friends for dinner? Catching up with colleagues for lunch? Then you might just get asked for your opinion on where to eat. I know that I am extremely fortunate to have such a caring group of people in my life but there is a strong chance that your peeps are just (well almost 😉 ) as lovely.

Introducing people to delicious new foods – I love when my friends and family try a non animal based food or drink that they have never had before. If it is my cooking I really appreciate honest feedback, which thankfully is overwhelmingly positive. I also really enjoy the look on their faces when they discover something that they find delicious, especially those who are surprised to like it so much 🙂 #sharethelove

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Lots of times people focus on the tough parts of living a kind lifestyle and yes, there are a few challenges but these are outweighed astronomically by the positives. The bonus ones like those above included 😉

Happy eating!!

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