The Future Is Vegan!

The Future Is Vegan!

Recently I have noticed a surge of vegan-friendly products available in places that used to be considered a cruelty-free comrade’s no-man’s land. More and more beauty, food and cleaning products are changing their ingredients and their labels to read ‘cruelty free’ and ‘vegan.’ The rate at which this is happening seems to be accelerating lately and it has me Double Rainbow Guy excited!

Four years ago (when I first went vegan) I wouldn’t find the ‘v’ word on anything outside a health food or specialty store. Now there’s more products every week lining the shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies, liquor stores and even petrol stations because more people are demanding it. More people are caring. More people are becoming conscious consumers. More people are going vegan or vegetarian or flexitarian (cutting down on their meat and dairy intake).

More people are waking up.

With rapidly advancing technology and revolutionary changes to the way we consume information it is now becoming easier to seek, share and spread the truth.

We now have Netflix in Australia which means that more than 2.2 million Australians (and counting) have easy access to documentaries like Cowspiracy and Earthlings — boosting viewership of these immensely important films.

In a article, director of strategy and insights at New Hope Natural Media, Eric Pierce examines the increase in media buzz around the vegan lifestyle.

“Social media analysis shows incredible volume” for vegan references to the point where “vegan and Coca-Cola are competing for space for who is getting the most social media messages and marketing,” Pierce said.

Enormous food manufacturers and chains do not ignore these kinds of analyses. We saw Dominoes in Israel add vegan pizzas to the menu last year and ice cream giants Ben & Jerry’s will be releasing vegan flavours next year. For those of us whose blood runs green, Guinness has recently announced they are changing their 256-year-old recipe for the first time ever to accommodate the beer-loving vegans out there.

Bliss-and-chips image credit-concrete playground

Last week an all-vegan fish and chips shop opened in Sydney and it traveled the vego grapevine all the way across the world. In other delicious news, GQ Magazine just named a burger in New York City the Best Burger of the Year and it is meat, egg and dairy free!

superiorityburger instagrameatingnyc

And for those of us cruelty-free chaps who sleep on a bed of gold, Ferrari recently showed off their new top-of-the-line faux leather interior at a Frankfurt auto show. Yes, that’s right, a vegan Ferrari. And a UK soccer club have made history by making their stadium 100% vegan! The Forest Green Rovers removed the last of the animal products from their stadium menus earlier this month — now that’s worth pulling my shirt over my face and running about like an idiot for!

Forest Green Rovers Image

I hope this news makes your heart sing as much as it does mine. Go out there and spread your message. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but it’s working — it’s ACTUALLY BLOODY WORKING!

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