Tasti Orange Treats! Yum...

Tasti Orange Treats! Yum...

Tasti is a New Zealand based company that has been around for 90 years. It has evolved and grown into a delicious superfood company today.

The brand new Fruit Wholefood Balls are a range of absolutely flavoursome and healthy snacks made from only 5 ingredients each! This month and the next two we are featuring the Orange flavour which is just addictive.

Tasti's Fruit Wholefood Balls Orange are made from Apple puree, sunflower seed butter, coconut, dried orange and natural orange flavour. There is no added sugar or artificial flavours. They are lunchbox safe, with no tree nuts or other common food allergens or gluten.

We have two other flavours to be featured in the next two Vegan Boxes as we treat you with more of the Tasti flavour bonanza! Check out their whole range though which includes amazing snacking and baking products here: https://www.tasti.co.nz/products


Go to our social media and guess the flavours of the next two Tasti treats and win a mystery bag! 

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