Start your day with a spring in your step!

Start your day with a spring in your step!


I’m not sure if I would necessarily refer to myself as a ‘morning person’ but I always really try to start my day on a positive note. It can totally set the tone for the whole day.

If you start the day in a good mood you will notice that the little things bother you less and you tend to see things a little rosier. Also, I find it much nicer to be in a good mood; it is my resting state so it takes me less energy and I am more comfortable when I am in a happy frame of mind.

Here are my favourite ways to start the day well:

Set your alarm a little before you need to get up. Not so much that you can get away with hitting snooze twice but just enough that you don’t have to leap right out of bed.

Yawn, stretch and take a moment before you jump out of bed. I like to listen to the birds singing and when it is light, watch the palms flutter in the breeze. A moment of grati-tude and snuggliness.

Change your alarm tone. Most people use their phone as their alarm which means you have the power! Perhaps not of Greyskull but defiantly of the first experience of your day.

Choose a song that you love, that puts you in a great mood or just makes you smile. Set it so it is loud enough to filter in but not so loud that it scares the crap out of you.

I have a couple of different ones depending on the day and I switch them up regularly. Choose what works for you but some of mine include: Rainbow Connection (The Mup-pets), I Am A River (Foo Fighters), Eyes (Rogue Wave)…

Exercise. I can’t every day but I try to get to bootcamp or yoga or walk my dogs at least a few mornings a week wherever possible. Getting into the fresh air and getting your body moving is one of the best kickstarts you can possibly do. Choose something that you enjoy and is not a ‘punishment’.

Hydrate. Starting your day with a big drink of fresh, filtered water with a dash of lemon is a lovely wake up for your system. Warm or cold, whichever your preference. Having a nice big drink kickstarts your innards – FTW.

Avoid the news or social media. Give yourself chance to get into the day. These things often negatively influence your mood before you can even get started. I like to be informed but I hold off on my news consumption until later in the day and I choose my sources. If you really need a social fix, I suggest that you choose one platform and that you filter out as much negativity as possible.

Set your intention for the day. If you leave the house expecting it to be a crap day, you will see everything from this angle and you will project ‘crappiness’ onto everything around you resulting in a crappy day. See where I am going with this … ?

I have a cup of tea, listen to music and play with my dogs before I leave the house. Those are all things that warm my heart. Pick some quick happy fixes and add them into your routine.

There you have it, simple pimple! I hope that you have a rocking day! Go get ‘em champ 🙂 That springy step should last all day.

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