Raw Vegan Christmas Cherry Balls

Raw Vegan Christmas Cherry Balls

I’m a huge fan of Karolina’s (from The Raw Dessert Kitchen) and when I came across this gorgeous little raw festive recipe today I knew I needed to share it with you all immediately! Check out Karolina’s website site for sooooo many delectable raw ideas ……..

(From the Snack Smarter eBook)

For the balls

• 120 g or 1 cup dried Cherries of the tart kind
• 0.5 cup Pumpkin seeds
• 1 pinch Himalayan salt
• 1 T virgin Coconut oil
• 2 t Acaí berry powder

Soak the Cherries in water for about 10 minutes. In a food processor, add all of the ingredients and process until you have a dough. Roll balls of the dough.

White chocolate on top

• 75 g solid Cacao butter, (becomes 3/4 cup as melted.)
• 1.5 T Agave
• 1 T Mesquite flour
• 1 small pinch Himalayan salt
• 1/8 t Vanilla from pod

Slowly melt the Cacao butter in a water bath. Add the rest of the ingredients and wait for the chocolate to get thicker before you coat the balls. Decorate with Gojis.

If you put the balls in the freezer while making the chocolate, the chocolate will harden super quick.


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