Leave The Judging To Judy!

Leave The Judging To Judy!

Photo by John Loo

It’s a bit mad that analysing people you’ve never met seems to have become a bit of an international pastime, don’t you think? Looking at pictures of people out getting coffee and judging them for not wearing make up is the staple for at least three national publications.

It’s no wonder then that we are becoming more and more judgemental. Not only of those who we know, but also of randoms who we may just see in traffic or waiting in line at your local cafe.

We all do it, and I try to mentally boot myself every time that I do. Because I know that it is not like me to think that way. It is conditioning. It is a ba-jillion adverts and silly reality shows getting into my brain (get out! get out!).

Every time I find my brain wandering to… ‘really? You should probably choose the salad over that option’, or ‘ oh dear, did someone skip leg day’, I try to check myself before I wreck myself. I have no illusions. I am no amazing specimen and I’m cool with that. I don’t think that I am, I don’t try to be and I am just me. No one understands my circumstances except me. Whether that be why I’m wearing my slippers to get coffee (I’ve just moved house and can’t find my shoes), why I might be driving a little unexpectedly (a friend has been rushed into hospital) or that I have seen Camp Rock several times (it’s a great feel good movie okay!).

The vegan community is unfortunately tarred with the brush of being a judgemental bunch. I think that is harsh. Yes, I get upset if someone doesn’t understand my choices or eats meat but I try to move away from judgement. I would rather be available to answer questions, offer alternatives and be approachable and supportive of kinder choices.

You will never know someone else story, and that’s fine. Judging someone only highlights your own insecurities. It helps no one and there is very little to be gained. Who really cares if someone has worn an outfit more than once or is eating doughnuts!? There are bigger issues in the world.

Focus on yourself, your own life and making the world a better place. Surely that is a much better use of your time and energy.

Leave the judging to Judy. At least it’s her job.

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