Keeping Up With Seasonal Trends

Keeping Up With Seasonal Trends

I like the idea of keeping up with the latest trends and indulging in buying pieces specifically for a season every not and then but I usually find that it’s too expensive to keep up with the trends. With brands releasing a new collection every few months, it’s difficult to invest in pieces without feeling a bit like they’ll go out of trend pretty soon. Whether it’s a specific summer color you’re aching to wear or a pair of sandals you can’t seem to live without, there are always a few pieces we want representing a current trend and it’s not fun when you have to pick just one to invest in for that season. Well, a new handbag line in Montreal is aiming to change that and do it with ethical, vegan flair. Jeane & Jax will keep you in style all year round without breaking the bank. You’ll be able to get the latest handbag styles and afford to get a matching pair of shoes or that dress you’ve been eyeing.

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Founder and designer Silvia Gallo brings both her ethical minded philosophy and keen eye for chic designs to her very own line of exquisitely crafted bags. Silvia’s dedication to ethical manufacturing practices ensures that the workers making the bags are over 16 years old, that women and men are paid equally, and high quality standards for air quality and working conditions are met. I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with Silvia and the Jeane & Jax team recently and they’re vibrancy and passion for their cause is captivating. They embody such light and love for designing a line that’s beautiful in every way.

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I have a few Jeane & Jax bags and they’re my go-to purses for every event. The non-leather has an incredibly luxurious texture, the linings are durable, and the colors and shapes used in their collections are gorgeous. They currently offer free shipping to the US and Canada with a worldwide shipping option coming soon.

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