How to be an animal activist when life gets so busy!

How to be an animal activist when life gets so busy!

Most of us are always so busy, whether it be with school, work, uni or simply just life. If you are a student like I am then it is most likely that your school day will run for 6-7 hours, you must sleep for roughly 9 hours, homework takes 1-2 hours (if not more) and some of us have extra curricular activities as well. Add this together, incorporating eating, traveling, reading and what not, you are left very little time to campaign for animals. This post is going to give you a couple of ways to incorporate normal life activities with animal activism.

– Wear animal rights related clothing, wristbands, jewelry, hair ties, anything really! People will read what you have on your shirt, your jacket, your wristband etc.

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Blood Tight Apparel
Tantamount Apparel

– Decorate your laptops and notebooks! Animals Australia, PETA and other organisations have animal rights related stickers that you can use to decorate your laptop. When you are in class people will be able to see these and you will get people thinking. I have two stickers on my laptop and I have various ones in other places. Such as for my science notebook I have a sticker that is about anti-dissection, on my English notebook I have a sticker about boycotting circuses. You can put them anywhere.

Free Stickers From Unleashed; Animals Australia
Free Stickers From Unleashed; Animals Australia
PETA Stickers

– For those of you who can drive; write animal rights slogans, stick stickers, write with liquid chalk on your car! I am always reading what is on the backs of cars when stuck in traffic, it is a great way to get people thinking.


– In class: If you can, choose things that relate to animal rights when given the opportunity to write in class. I have done presentations in geography about consumerism of animal products, written essays for English on the topic, and even in religion I have researched and presented assignments and talks on animal rights.


  • If you play a sport which allows you to wearing sports clothes of your choice wear some animal related ones. I have shirts from Peta with animal rights slogans on them. I know that Look Human and Society 6 have some great shirts with animal rights related things on them! Simply search vegan or animal rights and lots of different designs come up!
  • Buy a water bottle that has an animal rights slogan on it if you do a sport!
  • If you do things such as drama, singing, art anything creative try incorporate animal rights messages into your work! For a recent art assignment of mine I incorporated a message about climate change and animal rights into my sculpture.
  • Music friends, decorate your cases, your stands anything such as these with animal rights stickers! The choices are endless!

At Home:

  • Eat vegan! This is the best way to stand up for animals! Put your beliefs into the food you eat and eat a healthy plant based diet.
  • Use your spare time to blog about animal rights! I have a blog on tumblr where I write about animal rights and share animal rights related images.
  • Create a social media account based on veganism or animal rights. My Instagram was the first place where I started to advocate for animals. I know of people who I have turned vegan just by posting photos on animal rights. Choose what you like; Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, anything you like!

Any person can campaign for animals. It doesn’t matter whether you are young, old, busy, lazy; you can find time to advocate for animals. Think about what you do and what would reach the most people. For me, as I go to a school that requires laptops everyday, I have stickers on my laptop. Choose what is right for you and make change 🙂

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