Springhill farm vegan slice

Homestyle Slices Like Grandma Made BUT VEGAN!

We simply can’t tell you how much positive response we’ve had to the delicious Coconut and Dark Choc slice that we featured in the November Vegan box (still available here while stocks last).

Australian Family Business, Springhill Farm has launched two new vegan slice products as part of their revamped range. With flavours including Almond and Choc Chip, and Coconut and Dark Choc Springhill Farm’s vegan offerings are a little slice of paradise.

We sat down to talk with Springhill Farm GM, Fiona Whatley, to find out the history of the Australian family business and a little more about their new vegan range.

From Fiona:

I am thrilled to finally share Springhill Farm’s new range with the world. We are passionate about bringing slice from the bake sale to the masses – our new vegan flavours complete our offering helping to make our slice accessible to more people.

Taste always comes first at Springhill Farm, and we have been busy in our test kitchen for the past 18 months to get our new range just right – and with these two products, we think we’ve nailed it. Our Almond and Choc Chip Vegan bite is the one everyone in the office goes for if they need a time out moment or 3pm pick me up. Our mantra is that “if we wouldn’t eat it, then it’s not in our range.”

What is Springhill Farm about – in a nut shell?

Springhill Farm is about making farmhouse kitchen inspired treats that taste great and that complete people’s “time out” moments.

Who is Springhill Farm?

Springhill Farm has been around for over 35 years, and started with my Mum baking slice for school children visiting our farm as an early paddock to plate model – they learnt about where their food came from, and at the end of the day were treated to a muesli slice on the hay bales. Word soon spread about my Mum’s delicious slice and soon she started baking full time to keep up with the orders.

35 years later many things have changed; we are in a bigger factory (just up the road from our original farm), we proudly employ over 50 people in the local area, and our products can be found nationwide. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to making delicious farmhouse inspired treats, right here in our factory in regional Victoria.

What kind of response have you had to your new vegan products?

Overwhelming, in a positive way. They are our best selling products at the moment, and I think it’s testament to our teams’ hard work to make sure the products are delicious and deliver on what the customers want.

Are your products certified?

Our new vegan products are proudly certified by Vegan Australia. We think it’s important that products carry certifications as sometimes making the right choice in a supermarket can be overwhelming. Certifications give our customers added peace of mind when purchasing.

What actions are Springhill Farm taking to ensure their products are more sustainable?

Since the beginning, Springhill Farm has strived to ensure it can produce, package and deliver world class products as sustainably as possible. We actively try to reduce our factory footprint, we have rigorous supply chain processes to ensure ethical sourcing, and have undertaken research into more sustainable packaging options for our products. Unfortunately Australia is a little behind the rest of the world in regards to sustainable food grade packaging however we will continue to research and advocate in this space, and we hope that Australia will catch up over the next couple years.

Finally, where can we get more of your YUMMY vegan snacks?

You can order our products straight from our website for delivery to your door. And if you purchased the Vegan Box in November you will have found a sneaky 20% discount code from us to you!

Springhill farm vegan slice

Don’t forget, you can try Springhill Farm’s delicious vegan coconut and dark choc slice in the November box (while stock lasts) as well as many more fabulous Australian vegan brands for you to discover!

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