Have you been to Smith & Daughters yet?

Have you been to Smith & Daughters yet?

Why we’ve waited so long to get our butts to Smith & Daughters (175 Brunswick St, Fitzroy Melbourne) I’ll never know – but I’m certainly glad to report that it was well worth the wait!

Last night we had a dinner date with one of our favourite vegans, Adele from Vegiehead, who’s in town for her national ‘Cooking Rituals’ tour.

Whilst catching up on a bit of gossip and talking business, we had a red hot go at devouring the entire Latin American inspired menu (and almost succeeded).

For starters we munched down on the “tuna” & green pea crouquettas, warm marinated olives, and layered queso dip. Washed down with a warm glass of spiced Jamaican mulled wine.

Already grinning ear to ear (and feeling full) we moved onto some mains, including the enchiladas (kale and seitan, with a coriander cream and mole negro sauce), taco con ensalada (tortilla bowl filled with deliciousness) and the chiles rellenos (chargrilled peppers stuffed with cashew chipotle cheese and “chorizo”). Yikes! …….but of course, we had to push our stomachs to the limit, and agree on tasting the Spanish donuts and Tarta de chocolate azteca with avocado icecream for dessert.


The menu at Smith & Daughters is 100% vegan (including the entire drinks list), they also make almost everything in-house, and source local organic produce where possible.

They’re open Tuesday to Sunday 6pm to 1am, and also open on weekends for brunch 10am to 3pm.

Cannot wait to head back there!


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