Get Ready For Vegan T-Shirt Day!

Get Ready For Vegan T-Shirt Day!


Vegans well and truly wear their hearts on their sleeves. After all, how do you know if someone’s a vegan? They’ll tell you (oh, ha ha? eye roll, groan). Of course we’ll bloody tell you! We have to — lest you make us a meal or a drink or offer us a treat or a gift that we can’t accept and that’s an uncomfortable situation for both parties. Also, what is the point of joining a community that is united in the hope that compassion can build a better world for everyone — and then keep it a secret?

So, we wear our hearts on our sleeves and sometimes we wear our hearts on our chests too! Vegan t-shirts are an easy and gentle form of animal rights activism. Some are truth bombs. Some are funny. Some splash such perfectly crafted sentences across our chests that they could DEFINITELY place the final heart-string-plucking thought into the mind of someone who has been on the verge of making the connection. Vegan tees (or stickers or pun plastered tote bags) can be powerful.


That’s why Vegan T-Shirt Day, the initiative of writer Jonathan Balcombe, is an awesome opportunity for vegans across the globe to rock their favourite tee to raise awareness for animal rights. Jonathan calls it: “a critical mass advocacy project for animals, people and the planet.” It happens the first Saturday of every month and it is an easy way to get involved in spreading the vegan message whilst you do things like head to the supermarket or fill the car with petrol. The next Vegan T-Shirt Day is Saturday September 5th — this weekend! So don your favourite vegan tee and be a part of a worldwide event. Don’t forget to high-five anyone else you see wearing theirs!

Take a pic of yourself and post it to the Facebook page — you can find that by clicking here.

If you don’t have a vegan tee then we at TVB headquarters love the work of Soulshine, Bloodtight Apparel and It’s Cool To Be Vegan

Now get our there and let your wardrobe make a REAL statement legends!


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