Ethical Beauty and 'Oh Deer Sugar.'

Ethical Beauty and 'Oh Deer Sugar.'

When I first turned vegan, I thought it was solely about refraining from eating meat and dairy. It was only when I started to dig a little deeper, that I began to understand that living a vegan lifestyle was so much more. It encompassed a way of living that ensured that no animals were harmed for human benefit- which extended to ensuring that none of my clothing, household cleaning products or beauty and body products had any ingredients or materials that were derived from animals or had been tested on animals.

It is inspiring and encouraging to see more and more beauty companies moving towards an ethical standpoint, shunning animal testing and using natural and organic ingredients that are not only better for the animals, but also for our own health and the well-being of the planet at large.

One such company to hit the market is Oh Deer Sugar. Remarkably eye-catching, radiating positive vibes and appealing to women of all ages and walks of life, Oh Deer Sugar is proving that taking care of your body can be a truly exhilarating (and ethical!) experience. In flavours that tantalize the senses such as Chai and Peach, Cucumber and Mint, Coffee and Vanilla, Watermelon and Chia, Strawberry Shortcake and Tiramisu- their range of scrubs, body butters, bath bombs and facemasks take natural skincare to a whole new arena.

Located in Adelaide, the fun loving girls at Oh Deer Sugar are taking the country by storm and expanding at a rate they never anticipated. Their products are all for sale online and shipped across Australia, with new retail outlets appearing weekly. Take a read of our interview with Sharni, the key creator and owner of Oh Deer Sugar and learn her how humble idea for a Christmas present snowballed to so much more…


  • What was the impetus behind starting Oh Deer Sugar?

It was Christmas time last year and I had just returned from an overseas holiday, so funds were running low. I spent hours brainstorming Christmas ideas for my vegan girlfriend when I finally came up with the original recipe for body scrubs. The first scrub scents were gingerbread, candy cane, lemon sorbet & strawberry in glass jars wrapped with brown string and handmade logos.

  • When it began did you intend for it to turn into a proper business or was it more of a fun hobby for yourself?

I definitely thought it was just another crazy hobby that I was starting. No way did I imagine that we would have an online store or that our products would be stocked in stores all over Australia after only starting 8 months ago. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.

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  • You must receive such wonderful feedback from customers, does anyone or anything stand out that you remember?

Yes, the feedback is amazing! Our favourite was from a customer that has a dog called Molly that suffered from eczema/dry skin. She told us that she had been using the body butter on Molly and that it cleared her skin up!

  • What is your favourite product in the range and why?
  • Right now, we are in the process of making everything Christmas. All I can smell is Pumpkin Pie coming from the kitchen and Candy Cane coming from the studio. If I had to choose only one favourite, it would have to be the Pumpkin Pie bath bomb from the (Oh) Bakehouse range. It is super soothing with the likes of red clay and orange swirls dancing around me in the bath.vegan box 4How important to you is offering products that are ethical, sustainable, natural and real?

Very! My partner Nikki and I hold very strong beliefs that animals are not ours to test on. Nikki goes to great lengths to ensure each and every ingredient contains no animal-derived ingredients and are free from animal testing. Our jars are recyclable and each component is carefully selected to ensure the sustainably of our environment.

  • Are you stocking many stores or are you planning to stick to online sales?

We are stocked all over Adelaide and have starting expanding interstate with products recently landing in Perth & Melbourne stores. Soon we will be hitting the East Coast. So keep your eyes peeled!

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  • I saw recently that you are offering beauty boxes for special occasions now, this sounds wonderful! Do you find that the course of the business is swayed a lot by customer input?

Definitely, since sending out our first ‘Bride to be’ pack we have had numerous requests for all sorts of occasions. We love getting to personalise each and every order before they go out to their loved one.

  • What is on the horizon for Oh Deer Sugar? What is your next project, great aim, heart-felt mission?

Right now we are focusing on our top-secret body wash range…Oops! But we are so excited for something fresh, ready for summer. The launch will be posted on our Instagram, Facebook and website.

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Find a little pressie from Oh Deer Sugar in your November Vegan Box, or order online at-

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