Easy As A Sunday Morning Tofu Scramble

Easy As A Sunday Morning Tofu Scramble

I had a bit of a rant today on instagram – it was something i’ve been meaning to get off my chest for some time now. I’ve had a long term love affair with weekend brunching in Melbourne, particularly in my hood (North Fitzroy, Collingwood and Northcote), but lately I have been getting more than a little peeved that we, as vegans, are charged a ridiculous amount for avocado on toast (bland-o-rama), while other diners are served huge plates of beautifully decorated egg and cheese type breakfasts, with relish to spare, for the same price.

This morning we decided to DIY our brunch, and spend time together outside on this glorious Spring day, rather then head down to one of our local cafes and spend a bomb, and I must say, it was the best decision i’ve made this week 🙂 This here is our ‘go to’ brunch recipe, it’s so quick and inexpensive to whip up, and you can add as many vegies and herbs to it as you like! I don’t do measurements with anything I cook, so just freestyle with these ingredients, adding as you go – you can’t go wrong with this combination;



Coconut Oil, 1tbsp

Onion, 1lge, diced

Tofu (firm) 400-500g, crumbled

Kale 1cup, chopped finely

Tomatoes 2sml, diced

Parsley 1cup, chopped finely

Veg Stock Powder, 1tsp

Tinned Tomatoes, 1 can

Turmeric, 2tsp

Cumin (ground) 1/2tsp

Paprika, 2tsp

Nutritional Yeast, 1tbsp

Pop all ingredients into a pan (in the above order above) and simmer for 7-10 minutes on medium then low heat. Add some salt and pepper (and tabasco if you’re keen!), and serve with delicious fresh bread, avocado, and heaps of fresh herbs!

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