But, don't you miss cheese?

But, don't you miss cheese?


If you’re vegan, going vegan, or have been vegan – surely you’ve heard these words before. For me, it’s the most frequent question I get asked by my friends and family.

I went vegan 3 years ago after Emma from Tempeh Tantrum (a very close friend of mine) asked me to do the Vegan Easy 30 day challenge with her. I’d been vegetarian on and off for over 15years, but yes, I’ll admit it I wasn’t entirely convinced that I could completed kick my cheese habit – and how on earth would I go about making toasted sandwiches or mexican dishes!?

We’ll – 30 days passed, then 60, then 6 months, a year, two years….three years without cheese and I’m here, I’m ok, I’ve never snuck out to the 7/11 at 2am to secretly bust into a block of colby. Though there has been days that I’ve missed the taste and texture of the yellow block!

I’ve never been a huge fan of toffuti or cheezly – both seem overly processed and a bit ‘blurgh’, and there has been many a time when I’ve complained and whinged about the lack of tasty, salty, meltable, and spreadable cheesy substitutes…..

I’m happy to report that over the last 12mths quite a few really good vegan cheeses have popped up on the Australian market! Yay! And here are my favourites (left to right);

Angel Foods Bellisimo! – A great tasting alternative to powdered parmesan. Great on pasta, mashed potatoes, and beans on toast!

Peace, Love + Vegetables, Dill & Cashew Cheese – (My personal all time favourite!!) similar to a mix between a goats cheese and cream cheese, you can spread it straight onto fresh bread, dip it with rice crackers, or dollop on pasta or risotto.

A Vegan Smiles – Kinda Cheese (in chilli rosemary infused oil)
Delicious on crackers or mixed through a pasta, this ‘Cheese’ is made with nuts and has a hint of chili in a rosemary and garlic oil – crumbles like a dry feta. So yummy on a walnut and beetroot salad!

Bio Life Cheese – a new kid on the block, this cheese has only just started to pop up on social media, and stores, Melbourne wide! It’s unique as it grates, melts, and cuts like no other vegan cheese I’ve met! Perfect on pizza and toasted sandwiches – this guy doesn’t have the typical ‘grainy’ texture that most others do. And it’s much cheaper ($5-$7 a block)

What are your favourite vegan cheeses? And what recipe have you still not met your vegan cheese match for?

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