And the winners are....

And the winners are....

Did you enter our ’12 Days Of Christmas’ Giveaway? Well, we are ready to announce the winners!1. STEP ONE TEXT

Naked Treaties Truffle Box, we asked….

What is your favorite vegan dessert to share with friends?

“I remember once some friends and I were going on a little getaway trip to the coast and we were planning on baking and bringing heaps of treats for us to devour during the trip. I also remember them looking at me and saying that I’d probably be able to eat nothing because of choosing to be vegan. However, I went home and spent my night before the trip making close to ten batches of thisrawsomeveganlife’s Chocolate and Almond Butter Chia Jam Bars (instead of packing). During the trip in the little minivan almost everyone had devoured them and couldn’t believe they were vegan and nourishing! I LOVED the look on their faces XD. Good times, good times” Nika

Delicious Skin Duo, we asked…..

Why are natural skin care products important to you?

“I cant feel good, let alone look good, using anything with chemicals as I know it invariably goes paw in paw with animal ingredients and animal testing. I would rather have dry, blotchy and ageing skin any day than use something that is reliant on, and harms, the greatest love of my life – animals. So, for me, its skincare without chemicals all the way. That way I can look, and more importantly, feel good” M.O’Keefe

Passion Organic Vegan Cookbook, we asked…..

What is your favorite vegan meal to cook for others, and why?

“I make a Mexican bowl, which consists of chilli blackbeans, brown rice with chia seeds, homemade guacamole and a homemade cashew sour cream. It’s a little bowl of heaven. Just talking about it makes me want it now. I cook it for others to shock them. To show them that vegan food is not just a slice of tofu and steamed veggies. That you don’t miss meat when you cook vegan food properly. That sour cream can be dairy free and delicious and that you can do so much with a cruelty free lifestyle” Natasha B

Coconut Tree Summer Skincare Pack, we asked…..

What is your favorite way to use coconut oil?

“I actually use coconut oil on pretty much anything! It’s my Windex, my partner laughs at me when he has some sort of ailment and I’m just ‘put some coconut oil on it!’ At the moment I’m using it as a treatment for my hair, cleanser/make-up remover/moisturizer, the base in most of my body scrubs and of course to cook up some yummy kale chips with!” R.KIrby

Decadent Handmade Chocolates, we asked…..

Who would you share this chocolate pack with, and why?

“I’ve been vegetarian / vegan for many years, and never had any other friends with similarly inclined eating habits… However, I recently made some new friends who are vegan! Huzzah! I would share these with them to cement the friendship” M.Wellham

Bake Mixes Bake Box, we asked……

Do you have a secret ingredient you like to use in vegan baking?

“I use red rice flour when making gluten free items, gives a nice colour as well as flavour & texture” Adriana.B

D+T Organic Beard Care Trio, we asked…..

Tell us who is your favorite vegan man, and why?

“My dad, he was so supportive when my brother went vegan 10 years ago, and cooked him dinner every night. He ended up going vegan himself a few years ago, at the same time I did” S.Davey

IME Perfume Sampler Pack, we asked…..

ime perfumes are designed to encompass the essence of each of the 9 muses of Greek Mythology,Which resonates most with you, and why?

“Erato!! I (and I’m sure many, many women) waste so much of our energy trying to be perfect, everything to everyone and well-behaved. For myself, I find it’s so important to let myself go, get a little wild and intentionally “be bad”. It’s freeing, empowering and reminds me that I too am only human” Tegan.B

Eco Jarz Pack, we asked….

What is your favorite smoothie combination?

“I love a chai style smoothie with cardamom, cinnamon and ginger blended with banana and soy milk” Veganopoulous

Bare Blossom Makeup Set, we asked…..

When did you make the switch to natural cruelty-free cosmetics, and why?

“I switched to veganism and a cruelty free lifestyle when I was 12, had lost my cat one night and went online and spent the night going from watching cat videos to animal cruelty documentaries. My library started giving out postcards to send to parliament regarding abolishing puppy farms, I started questioning everything I had thought of as a kid. A cow was no longer an animal synonymous to MILK and DAIRY, chicken was no longer synonymous to poultry, hens to eggs. THEY. ARE. MORE. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but when I do, I ensure that it is cruelty-free. It’s just not worth it (thanks L’Oreal ;D) Natural, cruelty free cosmetics feel good on the skin and don’t suck in all those toxins into your bloodstream! You can LOOK and FEEL good, without harming anybody” Thar

Your Core Light Jewels, we asked…..

What is your favorite crystal, and why?

“I love garnet – I love the colour and it represents my love, devotion and passion for my family, friends and life. It also helps to regenerate and inspire me” Sharyn.W

Lifestream Superfoods Bundle, we asked….

What is your favorite way to use green superfoods?

“I use green superfoods in lots of ways, but my favourite way is to sneak it into my kids’ muffins and pancakes…They know something is up, because of the crazy colours that end up on their plates, but I may have told them a little white lie about using food colouring” A.Web

A huge thank you to everyone of you who entered – we had over 500 amazing entries to read though and we wish we could give you all a prize! And also a massive THANKS to our sponsors, these 12 ethical companies who contributed wonderful prizes to our first ever Christmas giveaway! We’ll do it all again next year so watch this space….

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