6 Healthy, Low Carb Vegan Snacks Ideas

6 Healthy, Low Carb Vegan Snacks Ideas

Are you always on the lookout for healthy, low carb vegan snacks ideas? Look no more!
In the March box we feature delicious vegan wholefoods bars from Australian brand, Super Cubes.
The Lemon Slice bar is the perfect sized snack for on the go. It has a subtle little hint of zesty lemon and packs a whole LOT of nutrition for your body.
We asked the good people at Super Cubes HQ to give us some more ideas for vegan snack foods and here’s what they shared…Enjoy!
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With the rise in popularity of both the ketogenic and vegan diets, it’s natural that people want to get the best of both worlds and look at combining the two.
And that’s how we get the keto vegan, or kegan diet (no, not the exercises).
So below we will cover for you what keto and vegan diets are, is becoming keto-vegan possible and also run through the different snack foods available.

What exactly are the keto and vegan diets?

The vegan diet is the easiest to explain and is simply the exclusion of all foods that come from animals.
Meat, dairy, eggs and honey are all animal products and avoided.
There are many variations of how to do this diet, ranging from wholefoods only, strictly raw foods, high carb fruitarian and even those on highly processed foods.
The ketogenic diet on the other hand lowers the amount of carbs in the diet, keeps protein moderate and increases the amount of fat.
The aim of this diet is to get the person to enter a state of ketosis, where fats are the main fuel source for making energy and not carbohydrates.
This includes both body fat and fat from food. Usually on the ketogenic diet, carbs are kept to less than 20 grams per day.

Is Keto-Vegan possible?

Yes, it is, but with one caveat.
Doing a Keto-Vegan diet can take a lot of nutritional knowledge to ensure you’re getting all your micro and macronutrients in the correct ratios.
It would be a great idea to consult a healthcare practitioner knowledgeable in nutrition if you were considering this way of eating to help co-ordinate your meal plans.
Fortunately, we’re just looking at snacks here, and there are certainly some Kegan snacks that are both nutritious and delicious.

6 Healthy, low carb vegan diet snacks

Here are the Top 6 healthy low carb vegan snacks compiled by the staff at Super Cubes HQ. As you’ll see there are some great tasting options for you to add to your day.
Make sure to try them all in some way or form!

Guacamole + Sauerkraut

Enjoy this as a standalone or use it as a dip for some chopped carrots.


  • Get an avocado, some olive oil, lemon juice and salt.
  • Put it in a bowl.
  • Get a fork and get smashing.
  • Add your sauerkraut (DIY recipe here) and you’re done!

Wholefoods Bars

Depending on how low you want to keep your carbs for the day, you may just want to have half a bar.

It’s a great excuse to share this deliciousness with a friend!

The Salted Chocolate, White Choc Macadamia, Lemon Slice and Double Espresso are the lowest carb varieties of the lot.

We’re so sure you’ll love these Wholefoods Bars that we’ve offered a money back guarantee!

Plant-powered Yoghurt

With the rise in popularity in vegan diets, as well as people demanding more lactose free foods, our supermarkets and health food stores now have a range of plant-based yoghurts.

Perhaps the easiest to find is coconut yoghurt, which tends to be low carb.

Yoghurt also makes the perfect snack to add in a whole host of other nutritious ingredients, such as;

  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • A crushed up Wholefoods bar
  • Cacao nibs
  • Cinnamon
  • Goji berries

Chia pudding

This is a winner, whether you’re vegan or not!

Rich in fibre, healthy fats and a whole host of micronutrients, chia pudding sure is nutritious.

On top of that, it’s very easy to prepare a few days-worth in advance, perfect for when you’re schedule is all over the place.

And here’s the chia pudding recipe for you!

Super Greens Smoothie Cubes

Eating an abundance of non-starchy veggies is a sure-fire way to keep carbs low, nutrients high and have you feeling full between meals.

Thankfully, our Super Greens Smoothie Cubes are full of these delicious and nutritious greens.

Simply add 3 Cubes to a blender with the liquid of your choice, plus any other low carb ingredients you like, then blend away.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are fantastic for a quick and easy snack that you probably have in your pantry.

Not all nuts and seeds are equal, some are much lower carb, like;

  • Chia seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Brazil nuts
  • Macadamias
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans

Low carb, vegan foods at your fingertips

Whether you’re wanting to embark on a keto-vegan diet or just have more low carb vegan snacks in your life, you can see there are plenty of options available for you.

It’s just a matter of finding the snacks that suit your tastebuds, your diet plan and your style.

Even if you’re somebody who loves to be in the kitchen, or you just want to reach for an easy nibble, there’s sure to be a snack to satisfy.

So, what’s your favourite go-to low-carb vegan snack?

After reading the above, you’re certainly going to have a whole lot of new favourites to choose from!

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