5 Vegan Pasta Dishes To Add To Your Menu!

We have such a treat for you this month!

Our January box features a FULL sized pack of pasta from our friends at Herman Brot!

Herman Brot is a fabulous Australian owned brand with a range of vegan-friendly food products.

Karen Smith from the Herman Brot marketing team had this to say about the pasta:

“When making the change to a plant-based diet, whether it be for better health, dietary reasons, moral or environmental reasons, the most common question that people get asked is “Where do you get your protein from?” Previously they could not have cared what you are eating, but now, as everyone is an expert in protein, they need to know!

Protein is very important to us here at Herman Brot and our Lower Carb Higher Protein Pasta has so much protein, that you don’t need to add any. Our pasta contains pure plant-based protein derived from combinations of wheat, soy, lupin and rice.

And with an incredible 39.4g of protein per serve, you can be sure you are well on your way to meeting your daily protein needs.”

If you’re looking for some inspiration when you receive your pasta this month, take a look at these 5 easy, nutritious and OH SO delicious recipes ready for you to create at home.

roasted vegetable pasta salad

1. Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad

Nothing beats the sweet flavour of roasted vegetable. Enjoy this dish hot or cold all year round.

pasta with asparagus and creamy mushroom sauce

2. Pasta with asparagus and creamy mushroom sauce

You don’t need dairy to create this creamy, satisfying sauce.

spinach, tomato and pesto pasta

3. Spinach, Tomato & Pesto pasta

This is a classic, fresh way to enjoy your pasta…tweak the recipe to be Vegan friendly by using a jar of Vegan pesto!

avocado vegetable pasta

4. Avocado Vegetable pasta

Top this delicious dish with some Parm Cheez or nutritional flakes to give it that Italian zing!!

ginger, coconut, pea & spinach pasta

5. Ginger, Coconut, Pea and Spinach Pasta

Some interesting flavours combined together give this pasta dish a special edge that will have you making it over and over!

If you haven’t purchased the January Vegan Box yet and would like your packet of Herman Brot Pasta to recreate one or more of these dishes, don’t delay!

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