2018 - The year of Veganism!

2018 - The year of Veganism!

We know that many people who order the vegan box and are part of our vibrant community are already vegan. Yet we also know and appreciate that we also have people who love our boxes and follow our mission who may not have a vegan lifestyle. More and more, the world is turning towards more sustainable and ethical ways to operate. 2018 has been touted as the year of veganism and indeed, we are witnessing its growth and demand on a scale never before seen or recognised.

Perhaps this is the year that you, or someone you love, decides to take the plunge and adopt a vegan lifestyle. Maybe you have thought about it but are unsure where to begin or how to make the switch. Remember that being vegan isn’t just about your own health and wellbeing (although that is a huge benefit in itself!), it is about making the world a kinder, more compassionate, more sustainable place to live. From helping alleviate animal cruelty to saving old growth forests and minimising global emissions, now more than ever do we need to think about the wider impacts of the decisions we make.

Feeling inspired? Here are a few simple tips to make the switch.

Become aware:
Education is the key to positive change. It’s easy to stay in the dark about things we would prefer not to know about. But this way of thinking and living is what holds us back from making the world a truly better place. Start doing some simple research- find out where your meat or dairy is coming from, come face to face with how your food finds your plate, and then make decisions from an educated place. If you are vegetarian, that is terrific, yet you may be surprised to know that the dairy industry is in some ways even more barbaric than the meat industry. Educating yourself also enables you to gently share information with those you care about and create a positive ripple effect.

Experiment with alternatives:
The rise in veganism has seen an enormous expansion in vegan products. From vegan cheese to coconut ice-cream to hemp seed burgers, there is pretty much nothing you can think of anymore that doesn’t have an amazing vegan alternative! If you’re out of the major cities or without a decent health food store close by, many companies also offer online shopping. Alongside the rise in vegan grocery products is a trend towards vegan cafes and eateries, or at least more vegan-friendly options in mainstream eateries. Dairy free milks and menu items are almost commonplace now and it is easier than ever before to enjoy a meal out with friends that isn’t just a side salad!

Look beyond food:
A vegan diet goes beyond what we eat. It extends to all products we use and buy which may be our beauty products, home products, clothing, accessories and lifestyle products. Sometimes this is a brand new step on the road to veganism and does involve a little more research. If you already enjoy a vegan diet, start digging a little deeper and make sure that what you are putting on your skin, what shoes you are wearing, and what chair you are sitting in, is also animal free. Again, the last few years has seen an enormous rise in vegan companies and businesses that offer wonderful cruelty free products, making it easy to buy a new pair of boots, get your hair coloured, or snuggle up in a cosy feather-free doona.

Contribute where you can:
If you’re looking for an even greater way to make a difference, try contributing your time or a little cash each month to a worthwhile organisation that is fighting to save animals or the environment. Try volunteering at a local animal shelter, start a beach clean-up day, volunteer at a vegan festival, hand out flyers on the street for a just cause, buy and wear clothing that supports a cause and makes a bold statement, choose an organisation to donate to each quarter. If you’re feeling really inspired, start your own cause! We are all powerful and supremely capable of making a positive difference. Giving back and contributing to the world is one of the most rewarding things we can do in our lifetime.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is beneficial and empowering, and it is also a lot of fun! Try not to focus on the things that will no longer be part of your life, and focus on all the wonderful alternatives and all the great benefits you are creating every single day. If your new year resolution is to be a healthier, kinder, more compassionate, more aware human being that makes a positive impact on the planet and all of its inhabitants- stepping onto the vegan path is one sure fire way to hit all those goals!

Enjoy the journey.

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